Hosting Services

Hosting is a service that allows organizations and private persons to post their own content on the Internet. Hosting means Internet hosting, and more often - web hosting. There are many different options, levels and types of hosting services, as well as types of service provision.

In other words, if you have any materials that you want to post on the Internet, manage them freely as you wish and provide other people access to them, as well as have a guarantee of safety and security of your data, then you need to use the hosting service.

More often hosting is provided as a service by a provider. In this case it means that the provider places your data on their servers, by ensuring the access to them from the Internet. The most common type of access is a web page with your content and desired functionality. It can also be a file storage, mail service, DNS service, dedicated virtual or physical servers, etc.

Presently Ucom is providing the following types of hosting services:

Shared Hosting

Cloud computing