News: uCloudspace + PayPal

Published: 06/03/2020

uCloudspace +


Now we want to present possibility to pay of our services through the world famous payment system PayPal.

When paying of services on our portal, you can choose the payment type: with help Credit cards, Master, Visa or American express or due to the PayPal.

As you know, the PayPal is fast and uncomplicated payment process. At the same time the PayPal payment system does not transmit any information about bank accounts or credit cards to the recipient.

PayPal easily is used. You need only your email address and password of PayPal system to pay a service on our uCloudspace portal. This allows you to verify your payment details in your PayPal account.

All of transactions are very fast when you pay via PayPal, the amount is immediately transferred to the account to the portal In the knowledge base of the uCloudspace portal you can find the detailed information about the payment process.

If there is PayPal logo or button on the website of any portal or online store, it indicates seller’s quality and honesty.

We try to minimize the financial risks for our customers with help the independent of the PayPal payment system.