News: –°ollocation

Published: 06/11/2018


Collocation or physical hosting refers to installation of client’s equipment on the technical node of Ucom, i.e. data center.

The equipment can consist of one or more servers, routers, hubs, etc. In fact, you rent part of this data center, place your equipment there or rent the equipment from the provider and administer it at a program and physical level. The provider ensures physical security of the equipment, access to it for performance of technical works, uninterrupted power supply and access to the Internet.

Ucom provides dedicated space on a rack or several racks, power supply, cooling and security.

The price of this service depends on the quantity of rented space, as well as on power consumption.

The service price may also be affected by the number of rented IP addresses, the type of Internet connection, as well as the need for carrying out 24/7 technical support and monitoring by Ucom.

Access to equipment. Currently we provide access to the data center, in order to have access to the client’s equipment, as well as installation and maintenance of client’s equipment, accompanied by our specialist.

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