News: uCloudApps

Published: 06/03/2020



We would like present a new product from the Ucom Cloud family - uCloudApps that is SaaS Cloud (Software as a Service) solution.

With help of this product, you can run any applications from the Cloud on your computer or tablet without prior installation. You have now a unique opportunity to use the programs which were not previously available due to a weak hardware or absence of a license or because of incompatibility with the operating system.

All these problems are in the past.

Any applications on any devices.

The applications that we offer from the uCloudApps, which work on Window or Linux platforms, can be running now on the Window, Linux, Android, and MacOC operating systems.

The uCloudApps product will allow software developers, web designers, or television video editors to use “heavy”, difficult, expensive programs on their computers from our Cloud without installation. In this case, the information can possibility save both in the Cloud and on your personal computer.

Now you can use the Microsoft Visual Studio development tools in the Linux operating system environment.

Using the applications from the Adobe family has possibly become even on a laptop with a minimal configuration and with a built-in "weak" graphics card.

Using the accounting programs such as 1C or Armenia Software is possible to use both on MacOS and on other systems. At the same time, the server with the database can still be in your office; in this case, we provide a secure connection and the "personal cabinet" with access only for you.

Based on the uCloudApps, it has become possible to create the collection of training programs for the schools and the other educational institutions based on "old" computer classes without upgrading them.

For fans of computer games, it has become possible to play their favorite games on their home "old" computers without upgrading them and powerful video card.

Running applications from the Cloud uCloudApps uses the resources of powerful servers: processors, memory and GPUs, without load your personal computer.

The uCloudApps product has been integrated into the uCloudspace portal. You have possibility to pay for the selected software using the credit cards Master, Visa or American express, or with help the PayPal payment system.