News: Start Building on U!Cloud Today

Published: 01/09/2018



Cloud technologies uCloud is the integration of different types of servers into a single space to provide computing resources to end users in the form of virtual/dedicated servers and network infrastructures (IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service), ready-made platforms (PaaS - Platform as a Service) and software services (SaaS - Software as a Service).

Currently, only IaaS is available in the uCloud product, as a type of service.

We provide an opportunity to create an independent infrastructure consisting of virtual servers and network components.

The client, having access to the uCloud interface(, has the possibility to create servers by their own, while having a choice to install this or that operating system, as well as create its own network infrastructure.

When creating servers the client may choose the number of cores of the processor (CPU Cores), clock speed of the processor (CPU MHz), the size of dedicated RAM (Memory in GB), as well as the size of disk space.

When configuring the network connection of servers, the client has an option to install “real” IP addresses on the server (Public IP addresses), or create their own network infrastructure with virtual routers, VPN connection and protection from external attacks (Firewall), by placing their servers behind these routers. 

The main feature of U!Cloud cloud hosting is the possibility to buy resources based on client's need, there is no need to buy a more powerful and expensive server for simple tasks, there is always the possibility to dynamically change the configuration of server dedicated to you, without stopping the whole service.

When ordering cloud hosting, you only need to choose the resources you need for your project.





Whether you're looking for compute power, database storage, content delivery, or other functionality, U!Cloud has the services to help you build sophisticated environments and applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability