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    uCloud service
    Cloud technologies uCloud is the integration of different types of servers into a single space to provide computing resources to end users in the form of virtual/dedicated servers and network infrastructures (IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service), ready-made platforms (PaaS - Platform as a Service) and software services (SaaS - Software as a Service). Currently, only IaaS is available in the ...
    Colocation service
    Collocation or physical hosting refers to installation of client’s equipment on the technical node of Ucom, i.e. data center. The equipment can consist of one or more servers, routers, hubs, etc. In fact, you rent part of this data center, place your equipment there or rent the equipment from the provider and administer it at a program and physical level. The provider ensures physical ...
    Shared Hosting service
    The main type of Shared Hosting is web hosting. It’s a service that allows private persons and organizations to create and place their own websites on servers having access to the Internet. It’s a type of hosting, when many websites are located on the same server. This is the most inexpensive type of hosting fit for implementation of small projects. Supported main technologies ...